In for a penny

It's the age old story, two people living together, working and socialising, making the most of being youngtwentysomethings and then BAM, you buy a house.

No wait, what?

I've bought a house?
Why have I bought a house? 
What on earth would posses you to do such a thing? You maniac! You can't afford a house, what do you think you're playing at? You still watch SpongeBob SquarePants on Netflix, you don't deserve a house!

Yes, we seem to have purchased a dwelling. 
And it doesn't stop there, this is a dwelling that needs a fair bit of work, with three out buildings that need an even greater amount of work if our plan is ever going to come together.
Okay. So in all seriousness, the house doesn't need a scary amount of work, it just needs normal work and also time to become the home we want. Which is perfect, isn't it? It means we can basically make a custom home. And after living in university accommodation and rented flats, being able to paint a wall whatever colour I want sounds amazing.
The outbuildings are slightly different matter. The plan is to have three self contained units that I can use as holiday accommodation, it's a business venture, and quite a big one when you look at the units as they are.
To be honest lot of this is about vision, because at the moment the whole place is surrounded by grass and fern to your eyeballs. 

So, what next? Well, we're going for it, and no one can say we do things by halves! Moving in less than a month after putting an offer in less than three weeks ago, and I'm going to write about the whole adventure, just so everyone else can share my excitement, and possibly my decent in madness.

You lucky so and so's


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