Walk like an Egyptian

It's time we talked waste disposal, guys.
We received delivery of a new tank but not to the exact position we wanted it, which meant at least two weeks of staring at it wondering how we were going to maneuver it to where it needed to go.
Moving 6 tons of concrete is quite a daunting task even to us boulder movers extraordinaire.
Dad decided we should take a leaf out some bloke from 3000BC's book and roll it on logs into position and of course after laughing for two full minutes we all agreed that would be best.

We also used two diggers, because we're not fools.
One digger pulling, another lifting, Elliw placing fence posts underneath the front of the tank, me lifting them out the back end and throwing them to Ioan, Ioan catching them and passing them to Elliw. A very smooth, rapid and mildly anxiety inducing system, especially when our digger operators weren't the best at listening to the "STOP STOP STOP ITS GOING TO TIP OVER" instructions we were giving them.

Once we got it to the hole prepared for it we needed a third digger.
What an operation!

Obviously I was the picture of absolute calm and serenity as all this was happening.

The tank is now in, switched on and working like a charm thanks to everyone's time, patience and willingness to do something a little bit scary with a lot of concrete while I winced and watched.


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