It's electrifyin'

Things seem to be moving along quite nicely despite the weather in our little valley, the plumbers and the electrician have both been for the "first fix" so there are pipes and wires all over the shop making it all seem very exciting.

A shot of our electrician caught in action, he had the first wires set up in the stable in no time, and we've asked for quite a lot, including some lights inside beams and maybe even a floor light or two- watch this space!

We've also had the new cable laid for the supply to the units and are just waiting the moment where it all gets switched over and turned on which is exciting because it means that our lights might stop flickering from now on!

Of course it was a miserable day when they were booked in to lay the cable, but luckily they brought their own umbrella.

There was also a little bit of problem solving and digging needed in order to get the cable into the boiler room which took a lot of head scratching and standing around.

Now that the cable is laid the trench can be backfilled and we can continue with the landscaping as there are no other trenches needed to be dug around that part of the house so its full steam ahead for Dad and his digger.


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