Upcycle Project - Vintage Trailer

Here we are, December 2018, another year almost over and we are still adding extra touches to Nant Awen.

This month has been an outdoor seating area on the riverbank for guests (and mainly myself) to enjoy.
We are so lucky to have such a picturesque setting here, cottages in a little valley with a river winding past the front door- so it was only a matter of time before took advantage of it!
Of course, this is Nant Awen, we don't do anything in a particularly ordinary way and a riverside vista is no different! With that in mind it was time to call for the chief ideas man, and by ideas I mean "wild card guy", Dad.

The Idea

Keen as a bean to start a new project, the design this time was making use of an old trailer knocking about down the farm yard. Not usually something associated with a classy riverside seating area but that wasn't going to stop us.
(Sometimes I do wonder are all these projects just an excuse to tidy up the yard?)

The concept was to have the trailer set off the side of the bank, giving the aesthetic that it had been abandoned, held up by sturdy sleepers and with the trailer "ripples" welded back on afterwards so that it wasn't quite just a platform hanging off the edge of a cliff, there was at least a bit of a railing and something to add the heavy duty rope to for the edging.


All completed on the wettest and windiest days of December, just in time for Christmas. 
Not necessarily the best time of year for a morning coffee out on the riverside, but it definitely looks the part!

Buffy does not approve at all, unfortunately!


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