This is all making me very emulsional

The sun has arrived, and it's lovely up here. It's definitely a sun trap, if that's a thing? So I've been getting my DIY hat on, and by that I mean I looked at a chair and pulled it apart a bit.
In the living room there's a lovely 70's sort of style dining room table and matching chairs, it's in pretty good nick, just needs scrubbing up a bit and the chairs need a little reupholster, so I pulled it apart with the intention of getting some foam and material to work on it when the rain makes it's certain return. I should probably have a little look at a youtube tutorial before I crack on though, any advice always appreciated.

With the sun gleaming Dad and his digger were back in business and so he cleared the hedge from the side of the house. It's unbelievable the change in the place as things clear away, the little house was swamped by trees and plants and now it's shaking all that darkness off and looking pretty proud. The tree has gone, the hedge has gone and the tatty stone wall has been dismantled and put to one side (or at least been put in the "rocks for future use" pile) 
The only pickle we have in doing all this clearing is that the sheep who have been sent to graze the fields at the back are quite partial to a grand escape plan and a missing hedge is a perfect opportunity to put their sneaky plan into action. Which meant that after spending the morning pulling up the fences around the back Jake, Dad and I had to replace it around the front to foil their sheepy efforts! And surprise surprise the next morning when we went up they were all lying on the soil as close to the new fence as they could get.
Naughty sheep.

With all this clearing and sprucing up we've got a bit excited, and frankly none of us could stand walking through the poor little shabby door anymore so a trip to town was in order.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on what colour I should paint the door.
Just kidding, I've already done it. "Burnt Cherry", and the general consensus is "Wow"

Of course now that the hedge has cleared away that wall is just asking for a lick of paint, so while we were sorting out the door we picked up some "Honeysuckle" for the wall. JC came up to help with the wall which meant it was finished pretty sharpish. I keep mentioning it to everyone that comes up to look, and I suppose it's because I'm so happily surprised by it, the fact that small (ish) gestures, like painting a door and having Jake spend an evening detaching old aerials and protruding metal rods and wires (after a full day in the office too, poor lad) make the house seem so much happier and brighter, it changes so quickly in my mind at least and becomes better so easily.

Fielding a phone call from Jakes mother and painting? No problem
My sister came up and spent the day botching around doing little odd jobs with me, including testing the damsons off the tree down the lane to see whether or not some damson jam is on the cards- it isn't

With that I think I'll leave you with two photos, one is of the sunny view from one of the back fields, the other is Jake having a wonderful afternoon riding around in the digger. 
Happy days.


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