Bridge fixin' & Bed makin'

In all the hustle and bustle of builders, tractors, diggers and deliveries at some point the little bridge took a little bit of a knock and the metal railings along the sides started looking a little bit wobblier than usual. Taking advantage of what I think is the one day of frost we've had so far this winter, Jake and Dad set to fixing up a new set of railings.
We always intended to smarten up the bridge as the metal railings have been a little on the wonky side since we arrived here and to keep everything looking soft and rustic and in keeping with our theme of "all things bright and wooden" we went with a new wooden look for our replacements.

With the bed for the stable designed and sanded to within an inch of its life, a bed for the chapel and a staircase is the next project on the cards.
From very early on we've always fancied having something a little unusual in the chapel up to the mezzanine like a "floating" staircase, but as with most of the ideas that rattle around from the beginning of the process it takes time for our grand master planner- Dad - to figure out how it will work. With help from his new right hand man Jason of Rustic Structures the staircase is well under way.

When they aren't spending hours working out the dimensions of the staircase, they're spending hours working out the dimensions of the new bed for the Chapel. Again we're using home grown oak, but this time we are leaving the "sleeping in a tree" look behind and going with something a little sleeker with more of a design to the head board that will look like a heart if you squint at it hard enough.


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