Bedtime Adventures

The floor is in the stable and Dad literally could not wait any longer so the tree bed has gone in.
Mam was just as excited about it as Dad, but I think that was mainly because the pieces of oak have been stored in her lounge since it's first construction so that they can dry out and so that Dad doesn't even have to leave the house to polish them!

Of course for a job like this Jason of Rustic Structures was at hand to stop Dad from getting over-excited and to help remember where each piece was supposed to fit!
With the new floor laid, slippers were obligatory but Jason wasn't particularly impressed with our style choices.

Obviously with the bed being so heavy Dad had to check it was in the prime position because we don't want to do too much dragging about on our newly laid floor. It was pretty difficult to persuade him to move once he'd found his spot!

With the bed in and the floor looking particularly inviting we've started pondering furnishing, one of those items being a dining table for the stable, just big enough for two people to eat at comfortably.
Again this is a carefully hand crafted table made from salvaged wood found around the farm, the legs are old oak fence posts that more than likely would have been put in by my great grandfather. I think Dad's new title role is Creative Director of the project, at this rate we'll have a handcrafted wooden TV and matching sofa! 


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