It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas is only 3 days away

First news is the chapel has been plastered from top to bottom! The heater is in there helping to dry it out ready for our festive break to be spent painting!

Three days away from Christmas and the rain is showing no signs of mercy, I don't think it will be a white Christmas this year some how!
Unable to do very much work outside at all, today was spent watching Dad and Ioan get frustrated at fixing the new dressing table and bedside tables to the walls in the stable.

Ioan had to take a quiet five minutes by himself after getting frustrated by one of the bedside corner shelves.

 It took a lot longer than I think either of them expected but it certainly looks good now that it's up.
Both the table and the stool are hand made by Dad in the free moments when he's not sanding the steps or polishing the beds.

With the floor laid in the stable and the walls ready for their final coat of paint the time is getting close to needing to lay the hearth for the wood-burner. This has been on of the biggest conundrums that's cropped up so far! There are very specific dimensions that you need to follow in order for the wood burner to be installed safely, but we also want it to suit the aesthetic of the space we're creating. We've burned through quite a lot of ideas and are currently settled on stones.
After Christmas to help get through the turkey withdrawals we'll look to laying the first stones down hopefully with more confidence than any of us feel when we look at that corner of the room and think about putting anything in permanently!


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