Blooming heck!

Just when you thought we couldn't get any more flowery here Jake's family made another weekend appearance and got to work blooming up the back patio of Y Stabl, but first there was a fair bit of preparation.

In order to create a sense of privacy and seclusion we decided to make our own fences/walls between the gardens of both Y Stabl and Y Capel and our house. We've used old railway sleepers stood up on end, and the plan was to fill the gaps with logs cut to size as a pretty alternative to wooden boards or planks. As it happens making an entire wall of logs is a little more time consuming and difficult than we had first anticipated (also I was useless at it, Jake was much better!) so we adapted a little and made them half logs and half boards. This way we save some time whilst also getting the same effective privacy screens, and nice little habitats for bugs and creepy crawlies.

Buffy was a great help with all the log building.

Whilst building the walls, bases for the hot tubs also needed to be laid and set, because the hot tubs were on their way!
We used a soft sand and cement and some garden slabs to make an area big enough for the hot tubs to sit on level, then it was arrival day! It took some maneuvering and some wiggling but the hot tubs were quite swiftly into place and then it was just a matter of waiting for our electrician to arrive to wire them all in.

With the hot tubs in place it was finally flower time. I wanted it to feel like a traditional cottage garden, though the look we have inside the stable is a blend of old meets new, so in order to mirror this outside, not to mention to keep the maintenance on the easy side we ended up with a compromise of bright, coloured pots filled with native flowers a nice blend of the modern meets traditional.

The buckets and pots have been full fit to burst with spring blooms, plus scented herbs and flowers like thyme and lavender have been bedded into the ground to give a little ground cover among the pink gravel we've thrown down and to add an extra level into the garden as they have a strong scent when you brush past them. The current down side is that they need a lot of watering for the first week to help them establish.

We've now got a contemporary, bright and colourful cottage garden ready for the first guests who are due Easter weekend.


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