It's been like the Chelsea Flower Show here this weekend.
We're getting pretty close to the arrival of our first guests and a weekend of spring sunshine was just the ticket for getting the front of Y Stabl dressed.
We're not by any means finished yet but Jake's parents had the opportunity to come up from Cardiff to help us so I took advantage of their artistic abilities and whisked them off to a garden centre to get some flowers!
Since moving here I have realised with resounding clarity that I am not particularly green fingered. My technique consists of throwing things into the ground and leaving them to their own devices, honestly sometimes I don't even dig a hole I just throw them on the ground, so having people here with more expertise in the field of gardening is a great help.
My mother for example has a knack for plants that I don't seem to have inherited, she can just look at a seed and it'll start sprouting!

We worked on the front of the Stable as the back hasn't quite been finished yet, there are more slabs than need laying and there is a final layer of stone and gravel that needs putting down. With any luck now that the front isn't taking up so much of our attention we can focus on the back this week coming.

For the front we started with empty wooden tubs of varying shape and size, and I had a few left over from last summer where I made an effort to spruce up the front of the house when we were in the midst of building work.
I'm hoping to create a "cottage garden" feel around the houses, with flowers and shrubs that are a little more old fashioned. I'm thinking Miss Honey's garden from 'Matilda', whether or not that's what I end up with is yet to be seen!
Once we had the tubs it was down to Jake's father to pick out the plants he wanted to use to fill them, very lightly following my brief of 'cottage garden', then it was all hands on deck to get it all potted and planted before supper time!

Of course no matter how much work is going on there is always time to stop and ponder over a rock and where it should be moved to.

The end result is a much brighter looking stable front, which also meant tidying up all the building supplies- something I hate doing because I don't like moving things that I'm going to use out of reach! and I especially hate moving things more than once! But with a spruced up looking front there is no excuse for old buckets and bags of cement around the place, so everything has been shifted to a more discrete spot (around the corner of the house) where people approaching the front can't see them!
Next mission: finish the backyard.


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