Opening Y Stabl

So it's finally here! The opening weekend of Y Stabl.
Not gonna lie, it's been a little bit of a rush, and there's been a few major set backs that have put us under quite a lot of pressure over the last few weeks for example, we had our first guests arriving on Friday, and on the Sunday beforehand we were cutting holes in the walls to fit the wood burner.

The deadline has only been a good thing, yes it's been a little hectic but it's given us a lot of drive to get it done and I can't describe how supportive a network of friends and family we have and how appreciative I am of this.

So here it is, the first look at our first finished house; Y Stabl

And once the guests were in and settled we all dashed off down the the farm to pop a bottle of bubbly and collapse in a heap!


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