Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I'd say we've arrived at full autumn here in Carno from the looks of the leaves about the house and it's pretty irresistible photography weather- even for desperately sub standard photographers such as myself.

When I'm not wandering around taking poorly focused photos of leaves and trees I'm making sure the wood burner is fully stocked, its starting to cool down significantly here though a rain shower last night brought the temperature up today. We haven't been in the house a year yet (although that anniversary is coming up soon! Time is flying) and so I'm trying to make sure the house gets thoroughly warmed up for the winter. I still feel there's a little mustiness to the house, I imagine because it was left empty for so long, and although the smell has diminished in our time living here I still feel quite concious of it. I figure the warmer the house is the more the smell will get pushed out, and I'm burning candles like there's no tomorrow.

This weekend another project was on the cards. 
We've been scratching our heads for a while on what sort of beds to get for the two units.
I have an image of what I want them to look like in my mind but finding a bed that conforms to all the points I want is no mean feat. Luckily Dad is the man with the plan. Really it's his obsession for sanding and grinding things to within an inch of their life that's to thank, as he and Jake rummaged around and found four substantial pieces of oak that measured long enough to form a king sized bed once scrubbed up.
Saturday afternoon they set to grinding and sanding off the top layer of wood to reveal the solid oak underneath and Sunday reinforcements were called.

Here Jake is set with the task of cleaning up the wood under the supervision of a few too many bosses.

Jason of Rustic Structures Shepherd's Huts, a local business from the village, appeared on the scene to start the assembly.
By the end of Sunday afternoon there was a cosy and entirely unique looking bed sat down the yard and some very smug looking blokes standing back admiringly.

Jason brought with him some lovely tools that Dad couldn't wait to get his hands on, though perhaps not necessarily having quite the finesse of a master carpenter he still couldn't resist a little bit of delicate woodwork!

Here we have a sneak peek of pretty much what the bed will look like, keeping the roughness and the knots for character. It's to go into the stable unit with the intention of making another more streamlined version for the chapel.

It will certainly make an impression to any guests staying, or at least I hope so.


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