It's coming along treemendously...

The weather is just miserable.
Of course!

Word on the street is that we're meant to have a heatwave next week which would be greatly appreciated, especially as Dad has been demoted from digger duties while the weather is bad.
If everything works out, next week we should be able to submit for planning permission, then the tense waiting happens. Terror.
Even more terror as I handed over the keys to the flat yesterday, so I am now officially and completely moved out of Cardiff. If planning doesn't go through we're gonna have to have a serious re-think.

With GP rebuilding the wall upstairs when he has evenings spare (so much grateful for this) the cwtch downstairs was due a clear out, the dust is everywhere.
I thought it was over when the last stones of the chimney came down, but it wasn't, I started the cleaning and left the house with more dust up my nose than I could even fathom. I also realised that I couldn't do too much brushing of the walls in the fireplace to get the dust off either because as with the demolition of the chimney upstairs, the more you think you're brushing away dust the reality is that you're actually just brushing away the "mortar" (soil/glass/hair) holding it all together so the rocks start getting a little bit wibbley wobbley and I panic and start doing a different cleaning job far away from what I was just doing.

It's looking a bit more ship shape by now though, I mean, I still wouldn't advise anyone with dust allergies to enter, but things have colour now rather than just being a blanket grey, it's the dawn of technicolour kids!
We found a pile of red and black tiles that match the ones in the photo outside leaning up against the wall of the chapel and I think they are the old chapel floor, they look pretty old and lovely whatever and definitely something to incorporate back into the buildings when we start work.

With the weather so miserable today Dad and I pottered up to the house to light a fire in the living room fireplace, check that the chimney is a go-oer and with any luck dry it out so we can sweep it. I had to take a photo because it looked so cute, it's like a 70's style fireplace and mantle and I love it, despite it needing a new grate.

I also had a little scamper around and took some photos of the trees we have about the place, so many trees! Across the river there's a wooded section with quite a wide variety of tree: big tree, little tree, dark green tree, light green tree, lots of tree.

Lots of tree
This tree has a really sticky outy branch, I like that

 We've got a fair few Ash trees dotted about the place, they're all berried up at the moment too, lovely, and I'm going to be pretty gutted if they all catch soddin' ash dieback.

That's about it for today, until the rain stops.


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