We've bought a house and some free mayonnaise

It's official, we have the keys to our front door.
I think that means we're home owners?

We decided to hold an impromptu door opening congratulations celebration up at the house last night, popping a bottle of Asti and pushing the door open tentatively and having another little look around.
We've got a pretty big crack in the chimney which means that any rain gushes into the house and brings lots of soot and chimney dirt with it. Unfortunately there was quite a heavy rain storm last week, so the room is in worse shape than since the viewing, but it is only soot so some vigorous mopping should clear it pretty quickly.
Jake is pretty adamant that the house "smells like St Ffagans" which is a unique feature I'll admit and I imagine is a result of the soot that's fallen through the chimney with the rain. There's also a tiny little aroma of maybe something dead in the kitchen, although my brother reckoned it was probably the mayonnaise left in the fridge. Either way, there's a whole storm of cleaning on it's way up to our lovely little house.
My plan for the remainder of today is to go buy an apocalypse proof supply of cleaning products, I'm not back up until late on Sunday afternoon, so come Monday morning some serious cleaning is going to happen.
Anyone who knows me will know that one of my talents (of which I have many) is cleaning. I mean, I can clean. I can seriously, clean. Thing is, there's a bit of a hiccup to my cleaning plan= bleach.
I can't use it up at the house.
Our sewage system involves a specific bacteria that reacts badly to bleach and so would stop working if it comes into contact with it. Which means that I'm currently keeping an eye out for eco-friendly alternatives.
Obviously it's going to be a little bit of a shock to the system not being able to grab the nearest bleach product off the shelf but I actually think it's a really good excuse to not buy it. Bleach is so abrasive and bad for you anyway, being unable to use it and having to look for more environmentally friendly germ-kill alternatives is a really positive thing.
Plus it means I won't have to listen to Jake moaning that his chest is getting tight every time I start cleaning something. Apparently he doesn't react well to bleach either.

I've also acquired an unofficial gardener this week. JC, my extra grandfather has taken it upon himself to be King of the Strimmers, and he is definitely worthy of the title.
A week ago the road down to the house was overgrown grass and weeds making it a bit of a 4x4 vehicle only path, but he's cleared the whole lot and more! There are now steps up to the house that were hiding under a lot of over-grown grass and shrubbery, that's all been cleared so we have what looks like a little stone entrance way up to the front door, and it's gorgeous. He's also found a lot of old iron plant pots that I can start my little garden with.

This big adventure is so dependant on the support and positive thinking of our families, I'm pretty sure without them I'd still be staring at the gone-off mayonnaise in the unlit fridge thinking "What have I done?"

Lucky doesn't even cover it.


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